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Who is McAfee?

If you haven’t heard about the John McAfee story yet then you have a lot to catch up on. Your impression of him will probably hinge on what source of media you turn to first. A quick Google of the name John McAfee turns up “John McAfee Thinks Bath Salts Are The Finest Drug Ever” and “John McAfee: ‘I don’t see myself as paranoid’ ”

From  of The Guardian,

“The name McAfee is ubiquitous and boring, a piece of antivirus software that pops up on computer screens around the world. The man behind this reassuring piece of technology is rather less reassuring and certainly not dull. John McAfee, a multi-millionaire dotcom guru, is on the run from police on the tropical island of Ambergris Caye…”

“At the moment he’s very clearly trying to mess with everybody’s heads,” says Davis, who spoke to McAfee on the phone two days ago. He describes him as “extremely intelligent, extremely paranoid”. “I asked him: ‘What is the end game?’ and he said: ‘Stay out of custody.’” Davis thinks he is deliberately trying to confuse people – a rational tactic by a man on the run. After six months investigating McAfee’s claims about his persecution by the Belizean authorities, Davis concludes that McAfee is mistaken. “I’m more inclined to believe the Belizean authorities raided him in April because they just didn’t understand who this guy was and what he was doing.”

Below is McAfee’s interview from the Joe Rogan Experience. PNN does believe that if you call someone “SIR” repeatedly and have never served in the military you are more likely to be 1) crazy or 2) guilty of murder. I’m not sure if McAfee is guilty or innocent but I did learn that answering questions with “OFCOURSE” is annoying and makes me realize I can’t do this anymore with my girlfriend without sounding like a total d-bag.

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